Hunt the Attitude

From the starting point, made from The Winter Assignment, I was drawn by the romantic charisma of John Lennon. Even though John Lennon might have become a cliché in the Western World, I found him exciting and inspiring because he is still a cool and mysterious rebel in the East. For the capsule collection, I want to embarrass John's spirit of romanticism and rebelliousness.


Collage the Suit

Continue with the rebellious theme, I experimented with putting letters on to suits and coats in the form of t-shirt design. The words can boldly express inner thoughts and values, as a tool of communication. Through 3D draping by putting cut out letters on to an actual suit, I discovered some interesting placement of the letters, such as partially hidden a lapel or run into a pocket.


Emerge from Darkness

Now I got a bold black, grey and red themed collection. The silhouette is still based on 1960s Mods and the Beatles style, which is mixed with graphic and modern lettering on top in fine menswear fabrics. The lettering is daring, but it is toned down with the transitional fabrics and layering.

In addition, I was inspired by a famous fashion photographer, Julia Hetta. She has a distinctive photography style of combine classic oil painting mood in to fashion photos. I like the emerging from the dark and one-light- source effects, so I tried to use that mood into my illustrations.